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    Thumbnail   hardandhung 

    Simply the best! So sweet, hot, exciting, handsome, sexy! I cant describe enough just how perfect he is! Im in love!

    1 year ago
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    Thumbnail   britonguy 

    amazing talent

    1 year ago
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    Thumbnail   jamesterry34 

    often one expects to find love in someone who shares our same tastes, with specific physical and emotional characteristics idealize someone perfect for us but for which we are infinitely captivated inadvertently lose control of ourselves we cease to be ourselves himself for being a totally different person in order to captivate the idealized self, well, I tell you from my experience that there is nothing better than wanting a person with their flaws and virtues that are not worth idealize a perfect being but accept that imperfect being apare see no physical sciences or sexual desires. the philosophy of love is to decrease the physical world so materialistic and see the intangible of every person removed appearances and look more deeply the essence that makes us so different from each other only when we accept a being as we are able to enjoy the true nectar of love because love is acceptance, understanding and encouragement so I suggest everyone to practice this exercise exerted to accept us as we are to enjoy the best of every person many thousand kisses and hugs) and remember it is not the most beautiful show us what our eyes perceive only what our hearts.

    2 years ago
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    Thumbnail   buyocapullo3 

    muy bueno

    2 years ago
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    Thumbnail   jamesterry34 

    hi i want to tell you a little more about me.
    tell you all what my tastes and my fantasies so they know a little more about me.
    to start I tell you I love talking about sex, but I also find great pleasure to have an interesting, entertaining talk filled with respect and kindness I consider myself a good conversationalist and a person who always listen and to which you can have everything that you consider appropriate someone who can tell you your most intimate fantasies your problems and your cravings.
    I like to make love many times am a very fiery and passionate man but mostly always try to be very accommodating
    to finish another one of my tastes are ejercitarme dance and be seen.
    my fantasies are divided into two parts some simple and some a little more daring and would make love on a beach in many places inside a house also do on a plane in a car and that would be the most daring or would do so in Publius public places such as a library and a concert hospital but one of my fantasies would make love with multiple people in an open and in a kind of sexual marathon place I hope some people share some of my interests and fantasies.
    a kiss and a huge hug for everyone

    2 years ago

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  • 25
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  • Athletic
  • Black
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  • Black
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  • latin_american
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